Sober since 2008, I’ve become evangelical about breaking the stigma and taking the message of recovery to the masses. I’m a freelance writer, enthusiastic coffee-drinker, and compulsive Facebook checker. I spend my days doing a host of ninja-like things that moms do. I’m also married to a pretty cool guy named Simon.

I am one of those DIY recovery folks. I got sober in AA. The folks in the rooms showed me a sustainable way of life that put me in touch with my Higher Power, taught me acceptance, and helped me find peace.

Two years into recovery, I stopped going to meetings. I got a good therapist. I got involved in my faith community. I became an avid runner (now an avid yoga-er). These practices, and staying honest and close to my Higher Power, helped me continue to grow and to live into recovery.

Are you in recovery? Rocket Fuel is for you. Are you are a parent? Yep, you are in the right place. Are you just trying to live your life wholeheartedly and with authenticity? You totally belong here. I believe in the power of stories to heal us and to help us make sense of the world. This is the space where I share my story. You are welcome here.


(Oh! And we’ve got recovery tees over at rocketdesigns.net)



  1. Robert Crisp · May 19, 2016

    Just heard you an Simon on the SInce Right Now podcast. Great interview. Glad to have found you on WordPress.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Abbie · June 15, 2016

    Ditto what Robert said! Gonna go check out the t-shirts now. 🙂


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